The Grant Thornton culture is one of our most valuable assets and has guided us in the right direction for more than 100 years.

Around the world, we have more than 73,000 people committed to bringing our values ​​to everyday life and contributing to the development of companies and organizations.


Reason and instinct

At Grant Thornton, we use the term reason and instinct as shorthand for our culture and approach. We combine technical excellence and rigor with intuitive judgment and insight. We believe that this combination results in better relationships and a deeper understanding of our clients' needs and allows us to offer them better advice.

Our motto "Go Beyond" expresses our commitment to "go beyond" business, bringing new perspectives and always staying ahead of the curve to provide our customers with innovative solutions that can be implemented in today's markets.

Every day we make a difference for our clients and allies. We truly care about helping them achieve their goals and prosper.


A culture of collaboration

With more than 73,000 people in more than 150 countries, we have a broad global reach through Grant Thornton International. Collaboration and coordination remain at the core of our culture. All Grant Thornton firms work on a shared global strategy. This means you'll receive the best and most consistent solutions no matter where you are in the world.


Our values: ​​CLEARR

In addition to having a distinctive global culture, we have developed six core principles, known as our CLEARR values.

If you believe in these values ​​as much as we do, you should consider joining our team. Explore our Carrers site and learn about our vacancies.


What is right over what is convenient

In correlation with the values ​​of our global culture, we support and are part of the Argentine Association of Ethics and Compliance (AAEC). In accordance with its mission, the “AAEC exists to uphold ethical practice and compliance standards in all organizations and provide the necessary resources to compliance professionals and others who share these principles.”

By doing the right thing, we guarantee high-quality services, providing greater reliability to our clients and strengthening the integrity of our organizational character.