Grant Thornton Argentina has been a member of Grant Thornton International Ltd. since 2001. In the country, our firm combines the resources of the international network with more than 50 years of experience and extensive knowledge of the local market.


Board of governors

The Board of Governors is our main international authority and is selected from all Grant Thornton member firms around the world. The current members are:

  • Judith Sprieser (Independent) - Chair

  • Peter Bodin (Grant Thornton Internacional Ltd.) - CEO

  • Nathalie Boyer (Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton - Canadá) - Observer*

  • Mauricio Brizuela (Mexico) – Elected seat

  • Robert Dambo (France) – Standing seat

  • Florence Tondu-Melique (Independent)

  • David Dunckley (UK) – Standing seat

  • Martin Geh (Independent)

  • Anna Johnson (Sweden) – Elected seat

  • Kevin Ladner (Canada LLP) – Standing seat

  • Li Huiqi (China) – Standing seat

  • Mick McAteer (Ireland) – Standing seat

  • Ngozi Ogwo (Nigeria) – Elected seat

  • Seth Siegel (US) – Standing seat

  • Greg Keith (Australia) – Elected seat

  • Michael Haeger (Germany) – Elected seat

*Canada is entitled to one standing board seat. Grant Thornton Canada and RCGT have agreed that each firm will hold the seat for two years while the CEO of the other firm participates in BoG meetings as an observer. Emilio Imbriglio of RCGT held the seat until 31 December 2021, at which point Kevin Ladner of Grant Thornton Canada became the Canadian board member.


Global leadership team

The Global Leadership Team (GLT) drives the execution of the global strategy and is chaired by the CEO. It is a full-time management group and its current members are:

  • Peter Bodin, CEO - GTIL
  • Ken Sharp, Global Leader - Assurance services
  • Paul Raleigh, Global Leader, Growth and Advisory services
  • Francesca Lagerberg, Global Leader, Tax services
  • Gernot Hebestreit, Global Leader, Business development and markets