Dynamic organizations can achieve great goals with the right support. Advisors need to understand your business in depth and extend your development possibilities. Our capacity, experience and culture allow us to fulfill that role.

Grant Thornton is the only organization that can offer the successful combination of global reach, excellent service and effective relationships that add value to your business.


About us

We are a $6.6 billion global organization qith member firms in more than 140 markets.

We are one of the main global accounting organizations recognized by capital markets, regulatory entities and international organizations.

We provide a unique combination of:

  • Global reach and technical excellence
  • Exclusive attention from our partners and managers
  • Agile and flexible service model
  • Commitment to the development of our clients


How we work

We have extensive skills and we want to share them. Our professionals invest time to understand each business in order to provide new perspectives that promote development and innovation.

We are agile, not bureaucratic. Our teams are prepared to provide solutions in times of crisis. We are committed to the results of each project.


Why do we work like this?

We have a genuine interest in unlocking your potential for development and innovation.

Whether it's to increase the value of your shares, build a foundation that earns investor confidence, reduce fixed costs or improve operating efficiency.