Sustaining the relationship over time.

At Grant Thornton we take employee remuneration and motivation as a multidimensional process where different aspects are involved, from psychological aspects to strategic or regulatory aspects. The combination of these elements yields different results when retaining key talent.

From this perspective, we help define the motivational package for each organization through the use of:

  • Measurement of employee satisfaction indexes
  • Design of tailored compensation plans
  • Design of benefit plans
  • Design of compensation surveys
  • Advice & management of employee relations

We are constantly looking for ways to attract, motivate and retain key talent, with the purpose of achieving excellence in performance. We start from the knowledge base of the current motivation indexes, both internal and in comparison with the market. We see the definition of remuneration policies as a configuration that is unique to each organization, but at the same time as something that must be consistent and sustainable over time.

We have vast experience in different countries, industries, sizes and types of companies. Our goal is to design a structure that facilitates the achievement of organizational objectives while enhancing the performance of its members.

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