Architecture revolution

In the Technology industry, fast changes and complexity are the norm and innovation is the fuel. Today’s revolutions: the cloud, social networks, big data and IOT-, will soon be replaced by new innovations.

At Grant Thornton, we work with our clients to take advantage of all opportunities and to manage industry risks, allowing them to always be a step beyond their competitors.


Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton’s global network of technology industry professionals works with a wide spectrum of dynamic organisations, from emerging and fast-growing companies to stablished world leaders.

Whether the client’s objective is to enter new markets, increase its operations, manage costs, find financing, manage risks or regulatory compliance, we have the knowledge and expertise to reach success.

We closely listen to the needs and develop customized solutions. Our teams keep up to date about the events and developments of new technologies. They share their knowledge about emerging issues that companies face such as intellectual capital management, mergers and acquisitions and the tricky tax environment.

They also work in the identification and management of risks and compliance needs such as regulatory and policy environments that change globally to keep up with technological innovation.

We work in direct collaboration with large companies, therefore we cooperate to make a better use of technology despite the industry.


Our solutions

Our technology teams provide customized solutions such as:

  • Increasing operations scale as the company grows
  • Creating trust and manage on cloud, mobile devices and digital risks
  • Raising capital 
  • Reducing costs
  • Understanding specific R&D technology and incentives