With the expansion of the limits of exploitation, it is necessary for entrepreneurs in the sector to manage a wider range of government policies, legislation and relationships. This will result in the local social legitimacy to operate.

At Grant Thornton we support our clients in the understanding of legislation across borders to minimize risks, identify and maximize options.

Why Grant Thornton

Our deep knowledge from the sector means we understand the priorities of the companies within the mining industry: financial access versus skills shortages, operating in challenging environments and changing regulations.

With forward thinking teams and experience in major and emerging economies, we can offer effective solutions everywhere.

Our flexible, partner-led teams are dynamic and focused on development. We take time to understand the details of the client’s business and develop unique solutions for them.

We work with our clients to fulfill regulatory requirements and challenges, explore different financing options and maximize growth opportunities. We support them in the negotiations with creditors, investors or tenders, and in the exploration of decision-making options (spin-offs or reorganizations).

Our solutions

Our mining industry teams provide services such as:

  • Methodology and working groups planification
  • Adaptability to dynamic environments
  • Compliance with legislation and tax changes
  • Design and implementation of processes to manage the risks and prevent corruption