Consulting services in Government and public sector

We are proud to have more than 90 years of experience as global partners for governments and bilateral and multilateral international agencies and organizations implementing projects with a mission to reduce poverty, fight corruption and improve people's lives.

We specialize in financial audit projects, technical reviews and government programs financed by international credit organizations.

Our services:

  • Concurrent external audits of Government projects financed by International Credit Organizations
  • Audit of cost units and evaluation of Government projects
  • Costs financial and management audit of projects financed by International Credit Organizations
  • Operational and compliance audits of metrics and indicators
  • Project management and strategic planning
  • Assessment and certification of public debt
  • Assistance in the formulation of investment projects for activities and equipment, with or without specific financing
  • Comprehensive surveys, diagnoses and proposals to achieve efficiencies and modernization of government management in its different areas, functions and agencies, helping to generate the necessary support for the implementation of the proposed improvements
  • Identification of problems, "administrative knots", overlapping of tasks, assistance in processes of operational decentralization and reform of functional structures
  • Evaluation, formulation and management of Technical Assistance Projects and reforms with financial cooperation from Multilateral Credit Organizations
  • Consulting in process development and management in alliance with Multilateral Credit Organizations
  • Design, development, advice, implementation of information systems and audit of information technology
  • Integration of systems and/or network data crossings with multiple databases


Our experience:

For several years, we have provided professional services to different national, provincial, and departmental governments, as well as to international organizations. Some of the are: