Grant Thornton's Human Capital division has a team of professionals who accompany individuals and organizations throughout the relationship between the employee and the organization.

Human capital is the main resource for business success. How a company cultivates and develops its organizational capabilities makes the difference between subsistence and extraordinary achievement.

Our Human Capital


From a multidimensional perspective, we help define the motivational package for each organization.


Personal and professional growth, both inside and outside the company.

e-Learning courses

We want our clients to go beyond and this will be a new way to do it!

360° evaluations

Get to know your staff better through surveys.

Working environment

We believe that the environment is not measured but managed. Get to know Pulse, our working environment tool.

Knowledge management

How much do you know about your company? How much is your intellectual capital worth? Develop the potential of your knowledge with us.


Whether in specific outings or because of restructuring, we have services that allow us to accompany both the organization and the person.


Our onboarding and talent development services.