Forensic investigations support clients in dispute resolution, fraud prevention and detection, and insurance claims.

The services offer includes expert advice in litigation resolution and the development of procedures in legal/digital forensics and cybersecurity.

Our services

Our teams offer specialized services in the following areas:


Expert witness services, including acting as party-appointed experts in support of claimants and defendants, appointment as joint individual experts, as court-appointed experts (including arbitration), and as determining experts in different jurisdictions under various procedural rules.

Forensic investigations

Specific investigations in large, complex and multi-jurisdictional missions covering fraud and asset dissipation, bribery and corruption, money laundering and counter-terrorism financing, competition and corporate fiduciary law violations, modern slavery and employee issues, accounting and taxes anomalies, regulatory violations, contract reviews and right to audit, embezzlement and acute decline in investment or value.

Computer forensic

Initial scope of the data environment to identify information repositories and first case evaluations. Conservation and collection of data. Data processing through refinement, selection and transfer of the selected population for review and sharing. Review and analysis using eDiscovery techniques, data analysis and machine learning. Interrogation and presentation of the results through visualization tools.


We have international corporate alliances with specialized cybersecurity laboratories. Its tools allow us to respond to cyber incidents by collecting data logs and obtaining forensic images of affected systems, apply mitigation strategies and recovery protocols, report on the root cause of the incident, and provide lessons learned and recommendations.

Advice on the fight against financial crime / compliance with business regulations

Compliance and risk assessment, advising on the design, implementation and evaluation of compliance programs and systems. Regulatory reviews, supporting reporting to relevant regulators or acting on their behalf. Large-scale remediation programs, including transaction testing and "Know Your Customer" projects.

Integrity and good accounting conduct

Technical and practical considerations for the investigation of alleged irregularities and bad accounting practices. Use of tax, actuarial, pension, valuation and internal audit knowledge. Provision of expert evidence.

Data analysis

Data analysis through solutions that assist decision-making in forensic matters.