The clean energy and technology industries are facing big changes.

The increasing demand, the development of new ways of energy and the need of investment in a sustainable future are producing significant changes in these industries all over the world.

At Grant Thornton we have experience in managing these changes and making the difference that allows our clients to always be one step byond their competitors. We take advantage opportunities and challenges, developing forward-looking solutions adapted to the needs of each sector.

In an industry where investors, projects and owners can be in different countries at once, our global specialists have knowledge in international investment, laws and taxes.

Why Grant Thornton

With teams in more than 140 markets, we can bring support in commercial and investment issues and tax solutions in different countries.

Our deep knowledge in clean energy and technologies sector allows us to provide a global vision of financial, operational and social issues that affect our client’s business.

Our solutions

Our clean energy and technology teams offer solutions adapted to the industry, including:

  • New perspectives and technologies for the energy and resources management
  • Investment and tax planning management
  • Regional and local government support in sustainable cities planification
  • Access to financing