An industry in constant development with endless possibilities for innovation.

Emerging markets and shifting consumer demand are creating new opportunities in agribusiness, with an increase in investors for new products, markets and distribution models. Based on the international experience of Grant Thornton, we support our clients in turning these trends into their competitive advantage.


Why Grant Thornton

Thanks to our extensive knowledge of the Agribusiness industry, we understand the challenges organizations have to face and we can offer efficient solutions.

Our teams make detailed analysis of the clients’ business in order to optimize operations and increase their productivity, assuring an efficient execution throughout the supply chain.

We support our clients in their need of development and expansion into new markets through our large network and our deep knowledge in mergers and acquisitions. We work to explore risks, examine changing regulation that create new opportunities and make a diffrence through appropriate tax reductions.

In an industry with international supply chains and growing market opportunities, our global network allows us to blend national and international knowledge.


Our solutions

Our teams offer customized solutions for the Agribusiness industry such as:

  • Business planification
  • Compliance with regulatory challenges
  • Opening new markets
  • Management of rising labour costs and challenges
  • Risk and food regulations management