Optimism is slowly going back to global economy, but the financial services sector has yet to regain the trust of public and private entities.

To achieve this, farsighted organizations will need to examine each part of its business. The secret is to turn challenges into opportunities and at Grant Thornton, we work with our clients to do it.

Why Grant Thornton

At Grant Thornton, financial services are a +500million USD practice. We provide solutions to 7 of the world’s top 12 banks.

Our proactive teams work with our clients providing simple and practical business plans. Our solutions are pragmatic and business-oriented, providing the insights to grow and prosper in a challenging and ever-changing world.

At Grant Thornton we have the experience needed to bring unbeatable solutions through research into strategic insights, regulatory compliance, risk management and conflict resolution through expert’s opinions.

We strive to provide customized solutions to specific challenges, working collaboratively with the client to give the integral support they need.

We also provide services such as:

  • Compliance with regulation 
  • Risk management
  • Business transformation
  • Income growth
  • Customer loyalty
  • Data management
  • Fraud and breach/control and investigations

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Our Financial services & Fintech


Grant Thornton offers meaningful and accurate solutions for operational and transactional issues, litigation and administrative disputes in banking.

Private capital

We gather international teams of experts in corporate finance, restructuring and recovery, tax and insurance services to deliver customized solutions from initial investment, through development stages until the end of each project.


We work to take advantage of all opportunities and manage industry risks, allowing our clients to always be one step beyond their competitors.

Asset management

We have specialized teams in more than 140 markets delivering solutions regarding insurance, taxes and advisory to global, international, regional, local asset managers.


Thanks to our specialized team we offer accurate solutions for operational and transactional matters, litigations and administrative conflicts.