Dynamic organizations need a wide range of services that enable transformation and development processes.

At Grant Thornton, we deliver high-quality solutions in more than 140 markets around the world. Our experienced professionals are willing to help our clients understand, adapt, and overcome the many obstacles that can get in their way.

Through our advisory activities we help dynamic organizations manage the operational challenges, risks and opportunities of a rapidly evolving competitive environment.

Such activities include: helping our clients meet their regulatory obligations; risk understanding and management; design and implementation of appropriate governance and compliance structures; design and management of small and large scale change programs; construction of operation models; understanding of the supply chain; improvements in efficiency and profitability.

Our BRS – Financial Services

External audit

We offer services of external audit of financial statements; assurance reports, agreed procedures and certifications; due-diligence and take-over of companies.

AML - FIU Independent External Reviewer

We participate in the implementation of the requirements of the FIU in leading companies and our services ensure an orderly framework, optimizing the investment.

Internal audit

An internal audit helps identify gaps, deficiencies, and potential for inherent risk in all facets of the organization.

Legal audit

The monitoring of the legal area is usually a complex and difficult task for organizations, which however cannot be neglected.

Creation and acquisition of Financial Entities

We have the knowledge and experience in activities related to the acquisition and creation of financial entities, both locally and internationally.

Responsible for regulatory compliance

At Grant Thornton we offer the service of acting as "Responsible for Regulatory Compliance and Internal Control" for companies that requested registration as Settlement and Clearing Agent and Trading Agent.