At Grant Thornton we are passionately committed to making a positive impact in the communities where we are present.

Alongside our collaborators, clients and strategic partners, we build ties that strengthen our company and allow us to make informed and responsible decisions and implement the best solutions.

Through Grant Thornton International Ltd. (GTIL), we participate in activities that promote:

  • Health care: we collaborate with important prevention and education activities,
  • Assistance to communities and individuals to grow, develop and unlock their potential, and
  • Collaboration with social organizations and NGOs to support people in vulnerable situations

One of the common threads running through all of our impact inicatives is helping young people fulfill their potential through education.

Our allies

Our commitment to our community inspires us to work together with social organizations that share our values.

We do this through:

  • Volunteering days
  • Solidarity events
  • Pro bono jobs
  • Collections and donations

Some of these organizations are:

Fundación Forge, Hogar María Luisa, Pichichos al Rescate, Somos familia, DWG Sociedad Alemana de Beneficencia, Fundación Discar, Música para el alma, Haciendo lío, Banco de Alimentos, Fundación Sí, Proyecto plato lleno y FG.