The search for reserves is taking the Gas & Oil industry to new destinations all over the world.

Today's dynamic companies are the ones that thrive in an increasingly risky environment. At Grant Thornton we stand by our clients in the search for financing, risk management and in the creation of a local social legitimacy to operate.

Why Grant Thornton

Our oil and gas teams have the deep knowledge, wide experience and vision needed to offer the client practical solutions adapted to his business.

We have specialists in audit, forensic, human capital, risk management, sustainability, tax and valuations that support our clients in the redirection of priorities, including income, operations, rising costs management and risk management.

Our global network spans 140 markets, providing field experience to support the client in the business expansion and development in new territories.

Grant Thornton’s proactive working teams are led by experienced partners and work closely with the client to share ideas for business development.

Our services

Our Oil & Gas team offers a wide range of personalized services:

  • Access to traditional and alternative financing
  • Structuring transactions and exit planning
  • Model capital and operative cost controlling projects
  • Attraction and retention of key executives
  • Building new sustainable business and managing key stakeholders
  • Establishment of a robust governance and risk management framework