Improve performance and increase responsibility

All over the world, countries are moving towards a more commercial, sensitive and locally-centered type of government. At Grant Thornton, we are perfectly positioned to help our clients provide this long-term vision.

We work with all kinds of organisms, central and state government, local governments, benefactors (including international bilateral and multilateral development organisations), autonomous bodies, public sector units and public-privates associations.


Why Grant Thornton

In more than 140 markets, Grant Thornton’s professionals work with their clients to provide solutions with higher efficacy, demonstrating transparency, improving controls and developing new infrastructure to support economic development.

We have four key service areas to support benefactors and public sector entities:

  • Operational efficiency
  • Infrastructure
  • Government
  • Audit

Our public sector teams are locally based and have first-hand experience in specific issues related to publi institutions. Through our global network of member firms, we take advantage of the experience developed all over the world.

We do not believe in off-the-shelf solutions and we know that public sector organisations are unique. No matter what the client’s objectives are, we wor to understand the organisation, its resources and its environment.


Our solutions

Our public sector teams provide customized services, which include:

  • Offering the best public services within financial limitations
  • Demonstrate transparency through financial, performance and IT audits
  • Improve accountability and public sector control
  • Develop new infrastructure to support economic progress and competitivity