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Ariadna Umpierrez Junor
Buenos Aires Office
Advisory services Manager

Ariadna Umpierrez Junor


Ariadna Umpierrez Junor is Advisory Services Manager at Grant Thornton Argentina. She has a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA) and has approved the Project Management for Development course of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB - 2022).

She was teacher at the UBA for six years and instructor and operative assistant in the Argentinian National Census 2010.


Ariadna has more than 15 years of professional experience. She is a specialist in social approach for operational and concurrent external audits for Government programs financed by multilateral credit organizations such as IBRD, IDB, CAF, UNDP.

She has been involved in assignments for the coordination of work teams for data analysis and audits of Government Programs financed by Multilateral Credit Organizations, coordination of field teams in concurrent audit programs in the Health area (Plan Nacer, Programa SUMAR, Proyecto PROTEGER, Superintendence of Health Insurance), including the recruitment and selection of teams of surveyors, supervisors and medical and administrative auditors.

Ariadna has vast experience in survey, analysis and processing of surveys/interviews with beneficiaries of different Programs, from both Public and Private Sector and in the coordination of visits to infrastructure works of Government Programs for road and water development, building infrastructure, and others.

Before joining Grant Thornton Argentina, Ariadna worked in different social projects of field data collection and quantitative and qualitative data analysis for the Universidad de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF), UNICEF, UBA and Nielsen Group.

Languages spoken

English, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Ariadna Umpierrez Junor
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Advisory services Manager
Ariadna Umpierrez Junor
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