Businesses in the international arena are increasingly affected by the constant changes suffered by different countries in terms of legislation, regulations and tax matters. In order to guarantee the success of companies, it is necessary to understand the impact of these changes on operations and transactions between different countries.

In this sense, our knowledge of the local tax legislation, the foundation that govern international taxation and the extensive network of contacts of the other Grant Thornton firms, allow us to offer quickly and effectively integrated solutions in tax matters that consider not only the implications in Argentina, but also its consequences in the other countries that participate in the transaction.

At Grant Thornton we offer our clients our international experience in the matter and make national and international resources available to adequately comply with regulatory frameworks, guaranteeing a high level of reliability. Transfer pricing rules are becoming increasingly complex, while the tax matters of multinational companies face scrutiny from the media, regulators and the public.

Companies must consider this new environment in relation to compliance and review of transfer pricing policies. Through our organization we can help you understand these increasingly complex issues as your business goes beyond.

Although these laws may share common features across various countries, interpretations may differ from country to country.

Ensuring your business takes the right approach to compliance takes time and patience, as lawsuits and penalties from authorities are on the rise.

At Grant Thornton, our people can offer real insight in the following areas:

  • Audit support: our sophisticated network of technological tools, research and databases can help you defend your transfer pricing policies before tax authorities
  • Documentation: We use local knowledge to prepare country-specific documentation to satisfy tax regulations in your region
  • We accompany the growth of companies that begin to do business internationally, offering an opportunity to review transfer prices and the adequacy of their tax burdens
  • Pre-acquisition analysis/Purchase due diligence/Pre-sale analysis: we use all our knowledge aimed at buyers or interested parties to know the tax contingencies and forecasts, they could assume if the deal is set. Our work allows us to determine the possible existence of risks that could endanger the transaction and to determine and quantify them. Likewise, allowing to take the necessary considerations in the negotiation for the determination of the price
  • Post-acquisition analysis – Integration: its objective is to review the corporate structures and their operations resulting from a merger or acquisition process in order to identify alternatives that allow increase competitiveness and improve the profitability of the business.