In globalized economies, organizations are exposed to the risks of Money Laundering. For this reason, rules and regulations have increased in recent decades. This situation requires the Obligated Subjects the need to implement a dynamic system of their processes and permanent training of their employees.

Some of the usual problems that organizations have are: i) the absence of comprehensive Money Laundering Prevention programs or shortcomings in their implementation, ii) inadequate execution of independent compliance tests.

At Grant Thornton we provide advice to our clients in the development of an Asset Laundering and Terrorism Financing Prevention strategy that allows them to prevent risks in a comprehensive manner.

We provide a service tailored to each organization that includes:

  • Design of processes and controls: elaboration and/or adaptation of policies and procedures; design and implementation of risk profiles and matrices; monitoring scheme review
  • Independent evaluation of compliance: issuance of the independent external review report linked to compliance with the money laundering prevention standard
  • Training: training in regulatory updating.