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BEPS: Making tax sexy

07 Oct 2014 Francesca Lagerberg, Global head of Tax services welcomes moves towards global taxation transparency.

BEPS: Businesses call for clarity

05 Aug 2015 Three quarters of business leaders would pay more taxes in exchange for greater clarity from authorities on what is acceptable. And while few expect a global agreement any time soon, the majority

BEPS - Country by Country Reporting

07 May 2015 Effective management of country-by-country reporting is going to require a new way of looking at transfer pricing

BEPS: The biggest shake-up in tax

04 Dec 2015 The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) is set this week to unveil a radical overhaul of international taxation. According to our latest International Business Report (IBR),

Getting to grips with the BEPS Action Plan

06 Aug 2014 Tax management within multinational enterprises has never been more challenging. 'Getting to grips with the BEPS Action Plan' is the latest report from our BEPS series exploring the OECD’s planned