Dynamic companies need to move fast and with purpose if the want to take chances in hospitality.

At Grant Thornton, we know what it takes to be successful in this industry that changes fast. Although many companies can be stacked in an austerity cycle, our expert team is prepared to work in the client´s reorganization to transform it into a prosperous company.

Why Grant Thornton

Based on our extensive knowledge of the industry, we understand the global economic cycle and trends in this sector and we can guide our clients to surf Hospitality’s changing environment.

We analize the industry, from the impact of media and online travel agencies to new consumers, sustainable operations and emerging markets challenges. We work with our clients to plan different scenarios, manage costs, create flexible organisations and finance growth.

Through our traditional and emerging market comprehension, we also work in the development of expansion plans to new locations.

Our solutions

Our teams provide customized services to hospitality industry, including:

  • Selection of the right hospitality chain or international brand for your business
  • Viability analysis and business plans
  • Marketing strategy development
  • Business model restructuring and optimization of operations
  • International legal advisory