New tool for audit work

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On July 3 and 4, the Audit division of Grant Thornton Argentina has carried out a training for Partners and Managers in the use of the new audit tool that will replace Voyager: LEAP.

Christian Martin and Estanislao De León, Audit Partners, along with Daiana Berdichevsky, Senior Manager of the area, led the training on LEAP, which consisted not only of theoretical sessions, but also of a workshop so that the participants could become familiarised with the tool and its functionalities.

LEAP, unlike Voyager, is a cloud platform that will allow our audit teams to work with greater agility, security and safety, assisting them from start to finish in the audit process and its documentation. Being hosted on the cloud, the tool also facilitates simultanous work.

Likewise, LEAP is aligned with the Grant Thornton network methodology. This allows us to direct our efforts to those aspects of the financial statements that represent the greatest risk. It also has built-in quality control processes that ensure proper and timely quality control involvement.

These trainings were aimed at Partners and Managers, who will then be in charge of leading the implementation of the tool, training all the members of their teams and executing pilot experiences in the coming months. All in preparation for the closing of the financial statements of December 31, 2023.

Since LEAP is a tool that will soon be used by all the Member Firms of the Grant Thornton Network, we were happy to also host our colleagues from Uruguay and Perú, with whom we work closely to accompany them in the implementation of audit methodologies and tools. In addition, Partners and Managers from other service areas of our firm were part of this training, so that they can learn about the new tool and thus, form interdisciplinary teams to provide quality service to our clients.