Grant Thornton a great place to work

What Grant Thornton has to offer?

Grant Thornton offers something you can't find anywhere else. This is the opportunity to develop your ideas and thinking while having your efforts recognised from day one. We value the skills and knowledge you bring to Grant Thornton as an experienced professional and look forward to supporting you as you grow you career with our organisation.

When you join Grant Thornton we want you to bring your perspective and stretch yourself every day. With the support of a values-driven organisation and a global network of 40,000 Grant Thornton colleagues, you will achieve remarkable results for our clients, colleagues and communities every day. And because of that you can achieve remarkable results.

As an experienced hire, you'll have the opportunity to be a leader, and also provide coaching and mentoring to help our people develop and grow.

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“To succeed, you’ll need an opinion of your own; an ability to seek advice when you need it and a desire to work closely with clients.” - Tony Windle, Grant Thornton Australia

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“Grant Thornton makes it possible for me to have both a successful career and family life by giving me the power to control my working hours in a way that suits me.” - Jessica Zetterquist, Grant Thornton Sweden

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“I’ve genuinely made lifelong friends at every stage in my career with Grant Thornton. The people are the best thing about working here.” - Sara Jane Knox, Grant Thornton International Ltd.